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February 2019
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 Limit 4 Controllers at a time!!!

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Number of posts : 110
Age : 35
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PostSubject: Limit 4 Controllers at a time!!!   September 1st 2008, 1:58 pm

ok so i went to gamestop to trade in some 360 controllers...i had several, but was told that they can only take every few days or so....which kinda sucks cuz i was gonna get a 360 elite, but now i have to wait a bit longer....ok soooo, in all, i will have about 600 bucks in store credit from all of them....and about 145 bucks left after buying the elite.....until September 7th when the 360 sku prices all drop down, then i'll have 195 buck...ok so 4 controllers landed me 79.20....which as of last night i used to buy a copy of mgs4 and lost planet (PS3) at taxes and coupons and my edge card and ground shipping....the total came to 79.19....with it being broken up like this its gonna be hard not to spend what i get.....lmfao!!! to think positive....want XBOX 360 ELITE!!!
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CJ:lvl 8
CJ:lvl 8

Number of posts : 98
Age : 29
Location : Indiana... the most boring place on earth...
Xbox 360 Gamertag : Therandus
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Registration date : 2008-04-08

PostSubject: Re: Limit 4 Controllers at a time!!!   September 12th 2008, 2:35 am

I actually wish I had an over abundance of controllers, all I have is one and I got castle crashers, and have friends over all the damn time. The only way we can play is if they bring their controllers.
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Limit 4 Controllers at a time!!!
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